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Clubber's Choice

Clubber's Choice is a lifestyle app that empowers you to find the best places to have fun while offering rewards for loyal customers. With this app you can find places that are sponsored with Clubber's Choice and request their special offers, if you scan the code that the staff provides you with, you gain points, and when you have enough points you win a valuable prize.


The most visited student portal in Croatia, Studentski.hr covers news from all aspects of the student society, has the largest collection of student materials, jobs and ad postings, and boasts more than a hundred volunteers working on it.

With v2.0, we made the portal faster, lighter and more beautiful than ever.

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Atlas of human embryology

Available for the iPad and Android tablets.

Dana QR

We designed and developed an internal QR and page management application for a Canadian supermarket chain. From QR code generation, tracking, analytics and page creation with different templates, the website has everything necessary for fast and easy QR code management across all of their stores.